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Press Release

Las Vegas, Nevada

For almost 30 years, Renegade Hybrids has been finding interesting homes for V8's; But this was more a necessity.

With the overwhelming failures of the 'Turn-of-the-Century' water cooled 911's, Renegade saw a need to build a reliable, powerful, and affordable alternative to the 996 money pit. Determined to move this conversion as close to the production car market as possible, Renegade engineered the finest array of conversion parts and accessories to transform the disappointing 996 into a reliable 'turbo-killing' machine.

With 996 in-house V8 conversions starting within the ballpark of what an installed new replacement factory engine would cost, Renegade will surely see a big 'up-tick' in conversions with these late model 911's. For a good look at the finished product and a peak at the performance, check out this link on YouTube: Renegade Hybrids adds 996 to its impressive list of conversions!