Did someone say FOAM?

Yet another car that was massacred.
You are looking at a radiator held in place by.... expanding FOAM!!! Nothing but expanding foam. Gallons of expanding Foam. This is gonna be fun to tear apart.

More FOAM!!! Also visible in this picture are cut out wheel well openings. We recommend cutting the wheel wells in 914's as behind the wheel is a low pressure area, and hot radiator air travels out rather efficiently. In 911's there is a decent high pressure area behind the wheel, as such, the hot air from the radiator has to fight it's way out, and radiator efficiency drops into the toilet.

Also visible is the piece of wood being used as insulation on the bottom of the heater box. If they had properly supported the battery when they put it in there, it wouldn't have moved and shorted against the side and top, and the wood wouldn't be there.

Hmmmm... wonder what that is?

At least spend the 4 bucks on a can of black spray paint...

Maybe I was wrong, it looks like there is a hold down for the radiator on the far side. It goes through one layer of sheet metal and was finger tight, so much for that hold down. You can also see the wiring for the front of the car being run through the foam. Hope it never has to come out.

Did someone say WOOD?? And duct tape too.... 2 signs of quality auto work are wood and duct tape.

Here is what you end up with under the battery... Also visible is the back of the carpet. Well sealed battery box, wonder if ANY racing organization would have let this car on track.

Having seen the fore thought that went into the radiator set up, the various overflow bottles and catch cans were a given.

That pinkish line is a hydraulic throttle. Really neat idea, and it seems to work well, for now. This pic was taken w/ the car in the air, so the CV is hanging as low as it ever will. The CV boot is still touching the throttle line. Would have really sucked when it finally worked it's way through.

Perhaps the best part of the whole car. At some point in this cars life, it had the front trunk floor pan replaced. No big deal, been done lots of times. This one was installed with self tapping screws!!!

Did I mention that they used LOTS of FOAM?
This is the back of the front bumper.

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