Another "killed-by conversion"

Removing what didnt work.

A little foam, anyone?

Of course, we uncovered rust that was never repaired properly. Keep in mind, the work on this car was rather recent.

Well, look what we found. Do you honestly think there is any strength left in the front of this car? Apparently, this was an attempt at helping the cooling system.

Some more "hacking".

Love that plumber's fitting.

Do you see a flow restriction anywhere in this photo?

This is some of the fiberglass we pulled from the inner fender well that covered the hacking.

This time, we won't draw a circle around the holes hacked in the body. By now, we think you get the idea.

...And so, we start to dig a little further. We struck fiberglass bondo and foam before the actual hole was completely exposed.

Another view of the "window" we found in the front trunk. Scary, isn't it?

Just a sample of the treasures we pulled from the front of this car.

And once the air entered the front bumper valance, nothing kept it from going under the car and never reaching the radiator.

Can you spot the safety no-no in this picture?

Let me make it a little more clear for you.

Look closely for the "hardware store" shim between the adapter plate and the block. (13-cent washers!)

Puck-style clutch disks chatter in this application, yet the previous builder said it would be "perfectly streetable".

Old-style. New-style here.


When the cable's too long, just add another loop! Try relocating the support bracket for the cable jacket next time.

Old-style. New-style here.

Believe or not, this is where they mounted the a/c condenser and vented the warm air.

This is what the WRONG pilot bearing looked like when we pulled the transmission off the motor.radiator.

Another view. Fortunately, the transmission input shaft was not damaged too badly.

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