Yet another death by conversion

Other then not keeping this 911 cool, this radiator enclosure looks pretty good.

We look a little closer and see that the air intake is far too small and the screen material does not allow enough air to pass.

...And the plot thickens.

This is the beginnings of a rat's nest.

More ugliness.

How many times do I have to tell people pusher-fans don't work?!

"Unless they are mounted on the front of an AC condenser."

Notice the gap, or lack thereof, for vital cool air to pass through the radiator.

Local plumbling supply stores and home clubs make a killing on these garage-built conversion attempts.

More rat's nest!

Sorry folks, running coolant hoses through heater ducts, does not work.

This is clearly not a Porsche part. Furthermore, it's not attached to the pan of the car in the proper location. So, when this unknown sway-bar rips out of the bottom of this car while it is in a corner, let's hope he does not flip into my front yard.

When you are unable to install the motor/tranny in a 911 correctly, just cut a big hole in the bottom of the pan to clear the shift-shaft. "Tongue planted firmly in cheek.

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