914 Subaru Conversion
Basic kits from 2,695.00! Scroll down for details!

The Renegade Hybrids 914 Chevy V8 conversions have been around for 25+ years and hundreds of cars have been successfully converted. More recently the 914 LS series V8 kit was born using the late model, all aluminum, GM engines and even more 914’s have made it to Super-Car status. Then, in response for an even lighter and more economical engine alternative, Renegade went back to a flat four designed engine with a very modern twist, and developed the EJ series Subaru conversion kit! To the few that doubted the performance of the V8 in this fantastic little mid-engine platform, our response is clear! “If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em!”

With donor engines choices from 120HP to a tune-able 450HP, impressive reliability and fuel economy, low center of gravity, and a HUGE aftermarket support industry, the ‘Subie’ flat four EJ series engines, have found a new home with a distant cousin, the 914! Here are just some of the engine choices that work with our conversion kit:

EJ18: Found in Imprezas from 1993-1997. Rated at 110hp and 120 ft-lbs
EJ22 Phase I: Found in Legacies from 1990-1998 and Imprezas from 1995-1998. Comes rated at 130hp and 137 ft-lbs, 135hp and 140 ft-lbs, or 137hp and 145 ft-lbs.
EJ22 Phase II: Found in Legacies in 1999 and Imprezas from 1999-2001. Rated at 142hp and 149 ft-lbs.
EJ22-T Phase I: Found in Sport Sedan and Touring Wagons (Legacies) from 1990-1994. Turbocharged and non-intercooled. Rated at 160hp and 181 ft-lbs. Closed deck, cast pistons, forged rods, oil squirters: turbo motor. Poor flowing heads.
EJ25 DOHC Phase I: Found in Legacies from 1996-1999, Imprezas in 1998, and Foresters in 1998. Rated at either 155hp and 140 ft-lbs in 1996 or 165hp and 162 ft-lbs in 1997-1999.
EJ25 SOHC Phase II: Found in Legacies from 2000+, Imprezas from 1999+, and Foresters from 1999+. Rated at 165hp and 166 ft-lbs. There was a slight compression ratio change from 1999-2000 where it went from 9.7:1 to 10.0:1.
USDM EJ20: US Domestic Market WRX. Found in 2002+ WRXs. Rated at 227hp and 217 ft-lbs. Turbocharged, intercooled, open deck, and decent heads.
EJ25T DOHC: Available in 2004 in the Forester XT. Rated at 210hp and 235 ft-lbs. Turbocharged, intercooled, VVTi (Variable Valve Timing), and drive by wire.
EJ25T-STi DOHC: Available in 2004 in the WRX STi. Rated at 300hp and 300 ft-lbs. Turbocharged, intercooled, AVCS (Active Valve Control System), drive by wire, intercooler sprayer, and semi-closed design.

914 Subaru Basic Conversion Kit

Part Qty Cost
Custom Cradle 1  
Rubber Motor Mounts and hardware 2  
Motor Mount Plates and hardware 2  
Motor Mount Washers 4  
Custom Transaxle Set Back Blocks and hardware 2  
Adapter Kit (Adapter Plate, Flywheel, ring gear, pilot bearing, pilot bearing retainer, throw out bearing and hardware) 1  
9” Kevlar Clutch Disc 1  
Pressure Plate and hardware (specify HP goals) 1  
Total   $2,695.00

Optional Parts

COMPLETE COOLING SYSTEM With custom all aluminum radiator, dual high performance Spal fans, dual relays, thermostatic control switch, harness and all necessary sheet metal. $1,595
RADIATOR HOSE  Gates Green Stripe Hose. Routed from the engine to the radiator and from the radiator back to the engine compartment in the recess beneath the floor of the car. 1” from engine to upper radiator and 1.25” from lower radiator back to engine. $160
OOLANT TEMP SENDING UNIT With correct VDO output. Please specify your gauge value when ordering. $30
OIL PRESSURE SENDING UNIT With correct VDO output. Please specify your gauge value when ordering. $70
HI-TORQUE STAGE II STARTER This gear reduction style starter has approximately 60% more power than the 914 starter with about 1/2 the weight, under 9 lbs. $209
ULTRA HIGH-TORQUE STAGE III STARTER Designed for ultra-high performance engines exceeding 10.5 to 1 compression. If you have any doubt, this starter will do the job. With 80% more torque than the best Porsche starters, this monster will turn engines up to 13 to 1 compression. $245
HEAT/AC UNDER-DASH UNIT This three vent under dash unit can be used as a heater only or for heat and AC. It comes with a three speed fan switch, powerful blower motor, blend control, three directional vents, AC evaporator and heater core, all enclosed in a trim-line under dash case. $435
5 BOLT REAR HUB SERVICE An economical way of converting to the five-lug wheel pattern on the rear of the car. Send us your brake rotors (in good condition) along with your rear hubs, and we will machine them for the 911 5-lug hub pattern and install 911 wheel studs. (Also available, hubs alone for use with SC or Carerra rear rotors - $195) $295
REAR COIL-OVER SHOCK PACKAGE Allows precise adjustment of rear ride height and the ability to fine tune spring rates. Includes new Bilstein shocks, coil-over kit and springs. Many spring choices available depending on application and usage. $795
HIGH PERFORMANCE AXLE KIT Good up to 500 hp! Sold per pair. $699
POLYGRAPHITE CONTROL ARM BUSHINGS Replace your stock, worn rubber bushings with stronger poly graphite bushings. More resistant to deflection than rubber. Keeps the control arm in its intended position to help maintain correct alignment settings. $60 set
914 DIY SPORT SEAT (pictures) For 20 years, Renegade has built custom high-bolstered seats that 914 owners have loved. Due to the variety of custom interior colors and patterns, multiple choices of fabrics, and even the desire of an occasional seat heater, Renegade now offers a kit for you and your upholsterer to build our Renegade seats. With high bolsters that support your core in corners, the ability to fit in the factory 914 back pad, and full stock adjustability, these wonderful seats check all the boxes. Included in the kit is a full set of laser-cut aluminum bolster sides to match your stock cores, a full set of rivets, and video instructions. $90 ea / $149 pair.
914 TO 996 BIG BRAKE KIT (ALL 4 CORNERS) Includes: Custom adapter blocks to mate 996 front and rear calipers to stock 914 suspension, custom stainless steel brake lines, five lug studded hubs and bearings front and rear, 996 rotors front and rear, and complete hardware. (Designed to be used with 1999-2004 year 996 Front and Rear Calipers. May require larger diameter rims. Ask Renegade for more details). $2,095
914 CUSTOM VDO GAUGES Made to order. (Inquire)

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