In-House Conversions

Thank you for your interest in our in-house conversions. For many years, Renegade Hybrids has offered several do-it-yourself conversion kits for our customers with great success. Occasionally, we get asked if we can perform the conversion ourselves. The answer is YES!

Our 5000 sq. foot custom facility, located in Las Vegas Nevada, has everything needed to do a simple "slam dunk" conversion, all the way to a complete ground up restoration conversion. We have built show cars, commuters, track cars and everything in-between. Most of our newest kits were "born" in this very shop just seconds from the Las Vegas Strip!

At any given time, we have over 13 cars in production and a list of customers waiting eagerly for an opening. We believe our 30+ years of success with our conversion kits, as well as a stellar reputation for in-house conversions, has contributed greatly to our growing popularity.

If you are interested in having your car converted by our experts, we have a suggestion that will help you make that decision. Have you been to Las Vegas lately? Well, now is a great time to take a vacation and come see the city of lights! While you are here, take a tour of our facilities and learn more about the conversion process. We think that most customers would want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a plane ticket before they spend thousands on a car, wouldn't you?

Las Vegas International Airport (McCarren International to be exact) is the cheapest airport in the nation to fly into. We are roughly six minutes from the airport and just seconds from the strip... so we can certainly pick you up, show you our shop, and then drop you at your hotel. It's just that easy!

When you visit Renegade, you will get a chance to witness many conversions in various different stages of installation. In addition, we always have lots of parts on the shelves to admire, tons of pictures to glance over, and even a test ride (when available).

One popular question we get is "How much?" This is about as easy as a Dentist giving you an estimate for major dental work over the phone! Sorry, but we need to see your car, the motor, talk to you about your application and performance expectations, discuss emission standards within your State or County, whether to consider fuel injection, AC, exhaust... well, you get the idea.

This is one of the main reasons why we like visits from potential customers. We can show you many of the choices and get a better idea of what's on your "wish list." From there, we can provide you a "ballpark" estimate and begin making delivery arrangements.

Only a $500 deposit is necessary to place your name on the waiting list. We are available for tours Monday through Friday from 9AM to 3PM, or by appointment. Please call if you have any additional questions or if you wish to schedule a tour.

Again, thank you for your consideration and we truly hope to hear from you soon.

- Scott and the crew

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