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Renegade 928 Build Overview

This is a nice overview of the 928 LS V8 conversion process from Renegade. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call: 702-739-8011. Thank you!

Cayman LS V8 Renegade

2007 Porsche Cayman LS7 V8 Renegade hybrids conversion! This uses the Pro EFI plug and play Renegade conversion system to integrate the GM engine with the Porsche factory gauges and electronics using the CAN bus protocol. Conversion kits and accessories are available at Renegade Hybrids. Give us a call at 702-739-8011. Thank you for checking out our video. Please don't forget to "LIKE" please!

Renegade 914 LS V8 with Boxster S Complete Overview

Here is a pretty detailed look at the Renegade 914 LS V8 conversion using the Boxster S transaxle and cable shifter. This video will also cover the cooling system, fuel system, interior features, etc.

Renegade Pro EFI plug and play 996 V8 Conversion!

Renegade does another 996 Pro EFI plug and play conversion! Here is a quick look at the installation and the performance in action!

997 LS V8 Conversion by Renegade Hybrids!

A 997 LS V8 Conversion by Renegade Hybrids. To learn more, give us a call at 702-739-8011.

997 V8 conversion by Renegade!

A closer look at the 997 V8 LS conversion. Renegade Hybrids 702-739-8011.

Renegade 996 V8 C4 LS3 430

A 996 V8 C4 LS3 430 conversion by Renegade Hybrids. Learn more at 702-739-8011.

Porsche 996 4S V8 Renegade Dyno Runs

GM LS3 480 powered Porsche 996 4S does a pull with Scott and Kyle from Renegade Hybrids! 702-739-8011.

LS3 V8 Lotus Esprit by Renegade!

Kits now available! Call 702 739 8011 for more details.

Renegade 944 LS3 V8 Build

This 1983 944 LS3 V8 Renegade gets a top-to-bottom overview from Scott who covers the V8 conversion, suspension, brakes, transaxle, etc. For further information including pricing, please go to www.renegadehybrids.com or call 702-739-8011. Thank you!

480 HP LS3 996

Our Renegade 996 conversions are often built for quiet performance and factory drive-ability. This video shows how we can let a little of the "animal" out of the V8 and still maintain the elegance on the highway.

Renegade Cayman and Evans Coolant at AAPEX 2014

Here is a quick "sizzle reel" of our visit to AAPEX 2014 wearing the Evans Coolant livery. BIG thank you for Evans support and their remarkable product.

Boxster Review

Renegade Hybrids video review of the Boxster S V8... No script, no pro camerawork, no savvy editor, and certainly no terrific talent, BUT this video is full of great info and some fun examples of performance for people looking for an alternative engine for their Boxster.

Ride in a V8 Boxster

It's easy to talk about the numbers of a certain performance car. Certainly the Boxster has never been that impressive. However, this video is a good barometer to show you what a converted Boxster can do...and the numbers on this one are nothing to radical. This is a 400HP, LS2 powered, 2000 Boxter S. It has the stock 6 speed, stock brakes, stock suspension...stock everything, but the engine! All of a sudden, it's performing at Super Car status. Think about it, if you don't change the weight of the car, or the position of the engine, then you are not sacrificing the engineering that went into the balance of the car. However, you are adding the one thing that this car really needed, and that's POWER! Toward the end, there is a little short discussion of heal and toe downshifting if you are interested..

Renegade LS3 996 Test Drive

Scott takes a beautiful black V8 996 for a little drive in the Southern Nevada Mountains and tries to fit in at a Biker Saloon. The car is fantastic, the scenery is majestic, and the locals didn't bury him out in the desert!

Renegade Hybrids adds 996 Conversions

Renegade Hybrids adds the 996 to its impressive list of V8 conversions!

Renegade LS V8 Boxster Conversion

Join us in a little demonstration drive through Las Vegas in the all NEW LS7 V8 Porsche Boxster Conversion.

996 Build Time Lapse video

This time lapse video starts with the engine prep of a new 525HP GM crate 6.2L LS3 with parts from our 996 conversion kit. Continues through the engine installation, and finishes with starting the engine for the very first time. All of this happened in under 4 days at our shop here in Las Vegas!

Dyno Runs of V8 Porsches

Porsche V8 dyno runs and tons of engine shots done by Renegade Hybrids. There are a few Subie 914 conversions in this video as well!

911 Turbo/930 Renegade V-8 Test Drive!

V-8 in a 911? Why not! This will change your mind...

Small Block Chevy 6 Speed 914

Old School small block gets mated to a Newbie Boxster S six speed tranny and placed cleanly in a brilliant orange 914 show car! Yet another example of the innovation and workmanship of Renegade Hybrids!

6 Speed 914

The title says it all! When you can take the three biggest issues with the 914 out of the equation and make this fun little two-seater rival super-car status, you have a euro-retro-rod that will turn heads for all the right reasons! We have a 'real' engine, with a 'real' tranny, stopped by 'real' brakes. Then we gave it fenders to accommodate some rubber, some 'bling' to draw the attention, and now we have a stunning and useable "Poor Man's Porsche" that will clean a new McClaren's clock! Yes, we did exactly that!!!

Sleeper V8 914 by Renegade Hybrids

All aluminum LS V8 in a 914 by Renegade Hybrids. The ultimate sleeper.

914 6 speed LS V8 with rally shifter

The 901 transaxle found in the 914 is widely considered the weakest link when used in a V8 conversion. A very reliable and affordable solution is now available through Renegade Hybrids!

Renegade Hybrids LS-3 930 Slant Nose Dyno Runs

Hear and see what 400 Chevy HP looks like wrapped in the most elegant German wrapper! Yes, it's faster, stronger, lighter, and more econimical than ever before. For more info, check out www.renegadehybrids.com or call (702) 739-8011!

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