996/997 All Aluminum LS Series V-8 Conversion
Basic kits from 3,895.00! Scroll down for details!

After observing a high numbers of costly engine related failures to later 911's (996/997), Renegade Hybrids developed an LS V-8 conversion kit and made the installation look like it was factory-born! Imagine a new, 6.2L, all aluminum LS3 slid perfectly into the back of a young 911? Now that sounds pretty exciting!

Critics, Purists and Enthusiasts agree, the Renegade Hybrids 996/997 V-8 conversion just makes perfect sense. Why? Let's look at the facts together:

The flat-6 Carrera engine from the 996/997, and an LS series all aluminum V8, weigh almost exactly the same. The 996/997 produced horsepower in the upper 200's low 300’s, yet a new, entry-level GM LS-3 engine, starts in the mid 400's which is higher horse power than a twin turbo! The twin-turbo factory Porsche engine weighs 200lbs. more than the LS and costs 3 times as much! The stock cooling system found in the 996/997 will support the V-8 using our conversion kit! The stock fuel system found in the 996/997 will support the V-8 using our conversion parts! The stock 6-speed transaxle will handle the LS V-8 torque up to 600HP with minimal abuse. The gauges can be converted to work with your V-8. The power steering is converted to electric much like the Porsche models sold today. Oil changes are $19 and there is ample room to service the engine! GM also makes and produces a smog legal option known as the E-Rod. And finally, much greater reliability and performance!

Below is the conversion kit and some options that are available to help assist you in completion of your project. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call or email:

Phone: (702) 739 8011
Email: info@renegadehybrids.com

996/997 Basic LS Conversion Kit

Part Qty Cost
Billet machined engine mount cross bar plus hardware 1  
Billet machined engine mount bar end-blocks plus hardware 2  
Billet machined engine to mount bar spacer block 1  
Performance motor mounts and hardware 2  
Motor mount laser cut adapter plates and hardware 2  
996 to LS series stage one pressure plate 1  
996 to LS series high performance Clutch disc 1  
Billet machined adapter kit (Adapter plate, flywheel, pilot bearing, pilot bearing housing, throw out bearing) 1  
MSC hardware for adapter, flywheel, pressure plate, etc. 1  
Total   $3,895.00

Electric Water Pump Kit

Part Qty Cost
Billet machined water pump cross member, angle bracket and hardware 1  
Electric Water Pump, fittings and hardware 1  
Inline Thermostat Housing and thermostat 1  
Custom aluminum “Y” fittings for Heater Supply and Return 2  
10’ Gates Green Strip Hose of 1.25” 1  
Billet machined alternator bracket, spacer, and hardware 1  
Billet-machined Water Mono-block with fittings, plugs, gaskets, and hardware 1  
Total   $1,595.00

Mechanical Water Pump Kit

Part Qty Cost
Alternator, Pulley, Bracket, Drive Belt and Hardware 1  
A/C Compressor, Pulley, Bracket, Tensioner, Belt and Hardware 1  
Idler Pulley and Hardware 1  
Mechanical Water Pump, Tensioner, and Hardware 1  
Thermostat & Swivel Water Neck 1  
Total   $1,595.00

Power Steering Kit

Part Qty Cost
Billet machined custom power steering plate 1  
Electric power steering pump and Hardware 1  
Custom power steering pump hose kit 1  
Power steering pump plug with tails 1  
Power steering relay, breaker, harness and leads 1  
Brand new power steering O-rings 1  
Custom Billet Machined Power Steering Fittings 2  
Total   $1,395.00

Complete Plug & Play Standalone Kit (2002 to 2008)(Picture)

Part Qty Cost
Custom Engine Harness w/ breakout board for stock ECU connectors 1  
ProEFI ECU w/ software flash drive 1  
LS Base Map Tune loaded on ECU 1  
ProEFI Can Cable (required to finalize tuning for your specific setup) 1  
Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Controller w/ bungs 1  
Fast IAT Sensor 1  
4” Aluminum Tube w/ bung pre-welded 1  
Oil Temp Sensor 1  
Total   $4,500.00

WARNING: It is against the law to install this part on an Emissions Controlled Vehicle. This part is legal for sale and use on Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles and Racing Use Only Vehicles. It is the responsibility of the installer and/or user of this product to ensure compliance with all applicable local and federal laws and regulations. Please check with your local vehicle authority before purchasing, using or installing any Professional EFI Systems Inc. product.

IMPORTANT EMISSIONS NOTICE In many states, it is unlawful to tamper with your vehicle’s emissions equipment. Professional EFI Systems Inc. products are designed and sold for sanctioned off-road/competition non-emissions controlled vehicles only and may never be used on a public road or highway. Using Professional EFI Systems Inc. products for street/road use on public roads or highways is prohibited by law unless a specific regulatory exemption exists. (more information can be found on www.semasan.com/emissions for state by state details in the USA)

Custom Air Intake Tube

Part Qty Cost
Custom air intake tube for a divorced Throttle Body setup (Powder coating included) (pictures) 1 $549

Optional Parts

Part Qty Cost
Starter with bolts 1 $250
C6 Corvette Oil Pan Kit (Pan, Pickup, Windage Tray, Gasket and Hardware) 1 $625
Oil Cooler Kit (Oil Cooler, Adapter, Fittings and Lines) *This specific setup is designed to run without a Accusump* 1 $995

A printer friendly/downloadable version of the above kit can be found here.

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