Cayman All Aluminum LS Series V-8 Conversion
Basic kits fr4om 4,995.00! Scroll down for details!

With the huge success of our later model 911 (996/997) and Boxster S kits, and continued engine failures in virtually all of the later model cars, Renegade now offers a GM LS series V-8 kit for the Cayman! Yes, it fits! Imagine the sensational styling of the Cayman, the power of a Corvette, the drive-ability of an ‘econo-box’, and the handling of…well…a Cayman!

Critics, Purists and Enthusiasts agree, the Renegade Hybrids Cayman V-8 conversion just makes perfect sense. Why? Let's look at the facts together:

The flat-6 engine from the Cayman, and an LS series all aluminum V-8, weigh almost the same. The Cayman produced horsepower in the mid to high 200's, yet a new, entry-level GM LS-3 engine, starts in the mid 400's which is higher horse power than a twin turbo! The twin-turbo factory engine weighs 200lbs. MORE than the LS, is very difficult to install in the Cayman, and costs 3 times as much! The stock cooling system found in the Cayman will support the V-8 using our conversion kit! The stock fuel system found in the Cayman will support the V-8 using our conversion parts! The gauges can be converted to work with your V-8. Both the power steering and water pump are now electric increasing HP and efficiency! $19 oil changes and there is ample room to service the engine! Smog legal options are available for these engines while still providing enhanced performance and much greater reliability!

To increase strength, dependability, and performance, we have designed the Cayman kit around a Boxster S transaxle. The Cayman transaxle was engineered lighter with physically smaller gears and shafts, and the ratios were very short, which is not favorable or strong enough for the V-8. The Boxster S transaxle has repeatedly taken abuse over 600HP in our Boxsters, 914’s, & kit cars, and we have yet to see one fail. Even the gear ratios and optional upgrades are quite favorable to the V-8 conversion using the Boxster S 6-speed transaxle. We understand that this means you will need to source a good used Boxster S tranny from a salvage yard, but your Cayman transaxle has value equivalent to the Boxster S in many cases.

When installing the V-8, there are some modifications to the fire wall. This will likely reduce your seat travel by just one click. However, aftermarket performance seats are often thinner in the back to reduce weight and improve torso stability. You will not likely need that last 1/2 inch after you install better seats. The completed project looks stock, handles the same, and functions as intended, but the power and reliability are much greater without sacrifice. Why settle for the same performance at a premium with little guarantee on reliability, when you can make the smart and exciting move to the Renegade LS V-8 conversion! Below is the conversion kit and some options that are available to help assist you in completion of your project. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call or email:

Phone: (702) 739 8011

Cayman LS Conversion Kits

Cayman Basic Conversion Kit

Part Cost
Cradle front cross bar and water pump mount
Cradle mid mount and suspension cross member  
Cradle lateral engine mounts bars  
Transaxle mount crossmember with lower ears  
Factory skid plate bracket mount  
Harmonic balancer crank mounted spacer  
Billet adapter plate, flywheel with pilot bearing and bolts  
Boxster S to LS series stage one pressure plate  
Boxster S to LS series race organic clutch disc  
Billet machined water mono-block and fittings plus hardware  
Conversion kit hardware  
Total $4,995.00

Power Steering Kit

Part Cost
Billet machined custom power steering plate  
Electric power steering pump and Hardware  
Custom power steering pump hose kit  
Power steering pump plug with tails  
Power steering relay, breaker, harness and leads  
Brand new power steering O-rings  
Custom Billet Machined Power Steering Fittings  
Total $1,395


Part Qty Cost
Custom Engine Harness w/ breakout board for stock ECU connectors 1  
ProEFI ECU w/ software flash drive 1  
LS Base Map Tune loaded on ECU 1  
ProEFI Can Cable (required to finalize tuning for your specific setup) 1  
Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Controller w/ bungs 1  
Fast IAT Sensor 1  
4” Aluminum Tube w/ bung pre-welded 1  
Oil Temp Sensor 1  
Total   $4,500

Optional Parts

Part Cost
Custom alternator bracket with assorted hardware $155
AC bracket with custom spacers and hardware $175
Electric water pump with fittings $569
Cayman stiffening weld-in cross member $135
High Performance clutch disk, pressure plate, and custom TO bearing $995
Single Belt GM style harmonic balancer $245
Custom Air Intake. See photos here $649
Starter $289
Semi-Solid Transmission Mounts $395
Engine Mounts $295
Engine Mount Brackets (Driver & Passenger Side) $229
Custom road-race oil pan with windage tray and spring loaded trap doors, oil pump pick up tube and hardware $699

* There will be extra shipping & handling charges for Boxster Kits due to the value & size of the components.

A printer friendly/downloadable version of the above kit can be found here.

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