Lotus Esprit All Aluminum LS Series V-8 Conversion
Basic kits from 3,895.00! Scroll down for details!

Renegade Hybrids has been converting Porsche’s since 1983. We have also played with a few other platforms including the Lotus Esprit. Of all the cars we have researched, it seems the Esprit was the one that ‘begged’ for the LS V8 more than practically anything else. Even Lotus moved to a V-8 in the late model Esprits, but reliability and BIG performance never went hand in hand.

One thing the Esprit had going for it, was the tube chassis. We look for strong and light platforms to do the conversion, and the Lotus engine bay was perfect for the LS. Plus, we have perfected the use of the VERY desirable Boxster S six speed transaxle for multiple uses, and it was a shoo-in for the Esprit project! Yes, just like other platforms we convert that had weak engines and fragile transaxles, a Renegade converted Esprit will give you outstanding gear box strength, clean effortless shifts, smooth clutch operation, and it will be mated to the GM LS V8 muscle that has a stellar reputation for light, cheap and reliable horsepower.

( NOTE: In roughly 1984, Lotus began to change the rear suspension in the Esprit from a transaxle-dependent rear suspension system, to an independent rear suspension system. If your Esprit requires the stock transaxle to be in place to support the rear suspension, we are unable to supply you with a conversion kit. However, if your Esprit can stand on its own without the stock transaxle in place and you convert to the late-model outboard brakes, we have a conversion kit for you! If you are one of the few that have a stock V-8 Lotus, the engine mounts are in a slightly different location. Our existing mounts can still be used, but an adapter plate would be inserted between the tubular chassis of the Lotus and our upright motor mount. Furthermore, consult us for axle combinations that will work best for your conversion.)


Part Cost
Custom engine mount uprights, rubber isolators and hardware  
Custom Lotus to Boxster S Rear Transmission Mount  
Boxster S to LS series stage one pressure plate  
Boxster S to LS series race organic clutch disc  
Billet machined adapter kit (Adapter plate, flywheel, pilot bearing, pilot bearing housing, throw out bearing)  
MSC hardware for adapter, flywheel, pressure plate, etc.  
***REQUIRES*** Bolt-on outboard brake system from later Esprit  
Total $3,895.00

Optional Parts

Part Cost
Custom Axle Kit   $995.00
Electric Water Pump Kit   $995.00

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