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Who is Renegade Hybrids?

Thanks for asking! In short, we are the company that puts a worry-free, affordable, and exciting driving experience back into your Porsche!

More in a minute...But first, some hypothetical questions. Do you worry that today might be the day your Porsche breaks while you’re driving it? Do you hold back hoping it will last another month? Is your Porsche fast enough for you? Is the maintenance affordable? Is it reliable? Do you enjoy getting beaten by the kid down the street because you are afraid to drive it hard? Depending upon your answers, you might be VERY interested in our unique approach to "Making Germany's Fastest, Faster!"

Since 1983, Renegade Hybrids has sold thousands of custom parts that have allowed Porsche owners to install stronger, faster, cheaper, and more reliable engines in their cars. A favorite choice in the early years was the Small Block Chevy V-8 due to accessibility, affordability, and the immense selection of aftermarket parts. More recently, our conversion kits are designed to use the GM LS series, all aluminum, fuel injected V-8's with 'late-model' technology, light weight design, fantastic economy, enormous power, and terrific availability!

In other words, we take all the good things from Porsche including the handling, braking and styling characteristics, and we couple that with big reliable lightweight horsepower.

Got your attention? Please take a good look at our site or give us a call. Again, thank you for your interest!

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